Complex debates require Facts.

Most debates we hold in private with friends, family, or co-workers… or in public on social networks like Twitter, are normally very complex. Truth is complex, requires asking many and good questions… but more importantly, observe reality with precision and as objective as possible. However, most of the content we normally consume from mass media are other people’s opinions recycled from other people's opinions instead of showing facts and discussing how well or bad these facts were measured or analyzed.

Thanks to the internet, I can follow many researchers or niche sources with access to good data. As a result, every day I save many interesting charts and data I read on research papers and analyses that come across during my 2 hours of daily readings. I think they are fundamental to shape me and make the most important decisions of my life.

This newsletter is here to force me to recall and look closer at these facts at the end of each month. I will connect all these new facts with previous knowledge, connecting the dots by writing these small summaries.

A few years ago, I co-founded Graphext, a startup to help anyone who can’t code in Python or R but still has a data-driven mindset, to perform advanced analytics taking advantage of all new developments in machine learning + a well designed interactive interface to find the insights that help us understand better this world.

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A monthly digest of facts and research papers. Complex debates require Facts. Only time will tell how good these analyses are. Many will have biases and experimental errors, but these are the best ingredients I can find to help me cook my opinions.


Victoriano Izquierdo

Graphext co-founder. Data Science, Analytics, Product & Growth